Welcome to TOW-STER.COM

(The TOW-STER's US Patent is 8,016,313)

The TOW-STER's list price is just $595.

Shortly, some used TOW-STERs (from rentals, and folks who no longer have motorcycles), will become available for resale
at discounted prices.

So, if you're interested, we are now accepting
"get me in line" order requests.

Call us DIRECT:
+1 (940) 566-6789

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Watch how easy it is to assemble a TOW-STER!

How to assemble a TOW-STER

(Tow-ster Version 1.0)
Even for a first-time user,
it takes less time to
to mount and unmount your bike
using a TOW-STER,
than it takes to make toast.